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an idea was born...

Image by Iain Robertson
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Meet Becky

Hi, I'm Becky, the face behind the candles!

I have always loved candles so it was no surprise that I became a Chandler.

I asked my family for a candle making kit and from that The Luxembourg Chandler was born.

Now, I know I`m not the only one who like their candles to have a good strong smell even when not lit and also not to burn out after a few hours.  These two factors were uppermost to me when starting the business.

Here at The Luxembourg Chandler we only use good quality  soy and fragrance and this shows in our finished products.

Of course, none of this could be done without the support of my husband Matt, aka  the label maker and my daughter, Megan, social media adviser!

I hope you love my candles as much as I love making them!

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